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Cracks extraterritorial space , because here after numerous battles wanzai , resulting immediately brink of collapse is already here , if not comprehension Union every day will be reinforced with Yin ** surgery once, probably would have already collapsed away, as nothingness . WwW, qUanbEN, cOm

Those cracks in space , is nba jersey supply connected to a Xinghai , which can be described as boundless, full of energy and countless oppressive mysterious creatures .

Cracks and out into space once the person , not without , but those tend to be the master of infants and change into it just a diversion out immediately , under the circumstances of this process is to create terror in the cracks in the suction pulling force is not yet fully actuated .

Extraterritorial space crack battlefield , nba jerseys from china its scary , it is that even infants have changed on the master frightening suction pulling force , the role of the suction , and even the body of the spiritual power of life and life can be sucked out , not to mention you want to escape.

These are just one , there is space for those cracks , which in the end who do not know where to link to , just to know what the master of diversion from the mouth , the crack nba jerseys free shipping is a dark, could not see anything , it is the soul was completely imprisoned in the body , can not be shed .

At this point, the cracks in the space , a point of light suddenly appeared , slowly floating in the void , look carefully , can be found at the spot among a mass of fire of the soul , being weak flashes.

Slowly over time , do not know how long , and that spot has been floating in nothingness , Figure soul fire that slowly dissipated with the signs .

Years fingertips flashed between the spot completely nba jersey wholesale darkened, the fire of the soul that figure within it , has only the flames.

This day, all of a sudden a huge shadow floated to spot from a distance , close after a closer look, it is a shadow impressively with a huge body.


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